1972 buick 350 4 barrel intake

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1972 buick 350 4 barrel intake

Engine Wiring Harnesses. Fuel Injection Systems. Fuel Injection Retrofit Kits. Engine Control Modules. Fuel Injection Throttle Bodies. Fuel Injection Pressure Sensors. Fuel Rails. MAP Sensors. Fuel Injector Wiring Harnesses.

Fuel Injection Throttle Body Spacers. Fuel Injector Control Modules. Fuel Injector Rail Adapters. Fuel Pressure Regulator Bracket Mounts. Fuel Injection Throttle Body Gaskets. Fuel Injection Throttle Body Adapters.The first version replaced the Buick straight-eight. All are naturally aspirated OHV pushrod enginesexcept for an optional turbocharged version of the short-lived used in the Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Some of these Buick V8s, such as the, andhad the same displacements as those from other GM divisions, but were otherwise entirely different engines. Buick's first generation of V8 was offered from through It became known as the "nailhead" for the unusual vertical alignment of its small-sized valves, features that were the result of putting both valves on the intake manifold side of the "pent-roof" combustion chamber used in this engine series.

The small-diameter intake runners allowed these engines to develop high torquewith many exceeding one foot-pound per cubic inch, exceptional for the time. All of the nailhead designs have a 4. The smallest displacement Nailhead, it is a small-bore version of thesharing stroke and deck height but having its own 3. The was also used in the through 10,Series conventional cab Chevrolet heavy duty trucks.

The was introduced in and produced through Buick, like most of its competitors, continued to expand their durable V8 engine to larger displacements, such as the 4. Originally ait was later redesignated a to meet s GM directives for maximum displacement engines in mid-size cars.

The engine was variously designated the WildcatWildcatand Wildcat depending on the foot-pounds of torque each version produced. The Wildcat was the two-barrel carbureted engine, standard on the LeSabre. The Wildcat was a no-cost option for the LeSabre that used a lower compression ratio to run on lower- octane fuel. The various Wildcat engines had decals on their air cleaners indicating their version; however, the four-barrel edition of the small-block Buick V8 was also labeled Wildcat on its air cleaner, but was not a nailhead engine.

The Wildcatwith a single four-barrel carburetor, was the standard engine in the InvictaElectra— Buick WildcatRiviera and Riviera the and Riviera models used the with a single four-barrel carburetor, labeled Wildcatas standard equipment.

Mounted on a trolley, Buick s were also used as starter motors for the SR Blackbird supersonic jet. In an effort to overcome the restrictive exhaust-port design of the nailhead, Buick drag racing enthusiasts in the s adapted superchargers with a custom camshaft to feed intake air in through the exhaust ports; the larger intake ports became the exhaust outlets.

The largest-displacement version of the nailhead, it began as an option on the Riviera and was later available on the Wildcat and Electra models. The and Riviera used the engine as standard equipment. Four-barrel carburetion was standard on the basiccalled the Wildcat for the foot-pounds of torque it developed.

Coded "MW", these parts were delivered in the car's trunk for dealer installation. InBuick unveiled an entirely new small V8 engine with aluminum cylinder heads and cylinder block. Lightweight and powerful, the aluminum V8 also spawned a turbocharged version, only in the —63 Oldsmobile Cutlasswhich together with the turbocharged Corvair Spyder, also introduced inwere the first ever offered in a passenger car.

It became the basis of a highly successful cast iron V6 enginethe Fireball. The all-aluminum V8 engine was dropped after the model year, but was replaced with a very similar cast-iron-block aluminum-head version for one year, and then in all-iron versions.Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again.

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1972 buick 350 4 barrel intake

Brand Type see all Brand Type. Genuine OEM Aftermarket Branded Unbranded 3. Private Label 1. Not Specified Brand see all Brand. Chevrolet Edelbrock General Motors Mopar Walker Then just a month after buying the car, while cruising to Oklahoma City, on a date with my future wife no less, the stock Buick lets loose at 70 MPH.

The carnage was legendary- pieces of piston skirt came to rest at the bottom of the tranny inspection cover. There were three or four 6-inch long slices in the inspection cover. I never did find the last 3 lobes of the camshaft. Needless to say, the block was history. I was seriously concerned about my situation as this was my only car, and I was broke.

As luck would have it, a good friend just happened to have a Buick 4-barrel that he had pulled from his Chevy truck that is another story all together and offered it to me for free. We spent the next weekend dropping in the motor. I had no idea of the condition of the motor, but we fired it up and it ran, it was quite strong at that.

The progress of the rebuild had reached a point where it would be sitting for a while anyway, so out it came, ready for a rebuild. For muscle cars, the rebuild process offers 2 options, go stock and keep it all original or pump up the power and add some ponies to the mix. Since this motor was non-numbers matching, and a to boot, we chose the latter. A high-performance Buick ? The original design of the Buick differs so much from the traditional small-block Chevy that people are afraid of it.

Back in March ofwe ported the heads for this motor. The head design for the Buick was ahead of its time, using tall, skinny ports to generate higher port velocities while keeping the air flow up as well. This helps the Buick create low-end torque as well as excellent mid and high-rpm horsepower. The Buick has the longest stroke of all the GM engines.

The little Buick also features a deep-skirted block, higher nickel content, external oil pump and is pounds lighter than the small-block Chevy. All of this adds up to an extremely durable motor, which with a little tweaking, is capable of supporting 1, horsepower.

Our goals are not that lofty, we are looking to hit hp, retain a streetable demeanor, and longevity. Every part used in the build was an off-the-shelf part, no custom made unobtainium materials here.

1972 cast iron pontiac intake vs edelbrock performer

Some parts were tweaked to get the most performance and we used some unique tricks. Jim has been building high-performance Buicks for over 20 years and is considered by many to be one of the best.

Jim had the block machined at a local shop to his specs. The Buick does not require a torque plate for boring as all of the head bolts are blind, meaning they do not hit the water jackets, so the cylinder does not tweak when the head is bolted down. The block was bored. As it turns out, the could have been rebuilt without boring or turning the block as it was in really good shape, but in order to get the tight clearances for high-performance use, the machine work was performed.

Using Sealed Power Hypereutectic pistons, final compression for the motor came in at The internal components for the engine were sourced from Poston Buick, a Buick-only specialty shop. The camshaft used in the motor is, well, big. Not for the faint of heart, we opted for the largest cam Poston Buick makes for thewith over.

In order to tone down the low RPM effects of the cam, we used a set of Rhoades lifters which feature a high-bleed off rate under RPM.

This essentially creates a dual-cam effect, where at low RPM, the cam is more subdued, but once the engine hits RPM, the lifters stay pumped up, allowing the cam to do what it does. They are a little noisy, but worth it in drivability. The computer generated a power curve with an impressive peak hp at RPMs; ft.

Once assembled, the actual was put through its paces on the Land and Sea engine dyno, and those results came in at hp at RPMs; ft. That is just a few ticks from the computer-generated peaks. Not bad for an engine that has been all but forgotten. The Buick arrived on a pallet at PAE, sans heads, which had already been built.Login or Sign Up.

1972 buick 350 4 barrel intake

Buick build ideas. Previous template Next. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. William Wilson. April 5th,PM. Has anyone here done a mild build on a Buick ? Right now my Skylark has a 2bbl motor that has a TA 4bbl intake, a petronix points conversion, and a Street avenger on it.

I'm thinking of upgrading to headers, and maybe a larger cam, a small bump in cam size, and new rings if I need them.

buick 350 intake manifold question

Anyone have some words of wisdom? Tags: None. Re: Buick build ideas. How long until we get a buick only child board? That's with grandma gears and a stock converter. Most guys at the track think he has a tame under the hood. They're not bad motors but they have a longer stroke and narrower bore than a chevy so they really are a "cruiser" engine in my mind.

They're like a tiny big block. Cheap, slow, half-assed: Pick three. Comment Post Cancel. That's all my has to keep the power band around 5,rpm and I'm sure headers wouldn't hurt. Try and pick a cam that will work with what ever compression you are running. Exhaust manifolds, air cleaner, everything.The Jalopy Journal.

Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Will an intake manifold off a buick fit a buick ?

Street Tech Magazine

My has a two barrel carb and I want to switch over to a 4 barrel. I have a lead on a 71 intake manifold but will it fit? Michael MurderApr 10, I dont see why it wouldnt. Its a stock manifold right? Years ago I sold a '79 Buick to a guy who had a Jeep pickup he'd gotten with a '71 or so in it. I can't remember now if he'd thrown a rod or just what was wrong that he needed an engine. But he took off the 4 barrel and put the 2-barrel that had been on the '71 in the truck. So in other words, yes it will fit.

I think it doesn't even have to be aany of the late Buick motors would work they all use the same block I believe,and anyhow. Somewhere here I have that '79 intake, too, found it cleaning last summer. He'd brought it back to me. If you get stuck you can send me a PM, but you aught to be able to find one local for cheap shiipping is a bastard on these things since they weigh like 50 lbs.

You might want to check out v8buick. I know some oiling and valvetrain changes took place throughout the life of thebut I'm not positive when. Aaron65Apr 10,


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