Dazai x reader

The youngest mafia executive sat across from you in the secluded bar. The table creaked and tipped when he propped his head up on his cold palm. Dazai took a sip from his glass and gently set it down, his smirk only gaining more arrogance while your tense muscles only became tighter from his dull, chocolate orbs.

dazai osamu x reader

He chuckled, drawing circles on the wood table with his finger—the same finger that has pulled the trigger of a gun, ending many lives and many more to come. You took a deep breath, reciting your side of the deal multiple times in your mind before finally concluding that you could say it out loud.

dazai x reader

However, the surprised expression quickly faded to that cocky smirk once again. He lifted his head off his palm and sat up straight in his chair.

Chestnut locks falling over his ear. Your hands gripped at the fabric of your pants. The only way everyone will be safe and happy is if you come with me. You shifted in your seat, prepared to object with stuttering nonsense when Dazai held out his fist, closed tightly around something. He gave you a small nod. You looked back down at his fist and slowly let your hand fall under his, ready to catch whatever fell. Before you could blink, your wrist was seized by his free hand and a ring was slipped onto your finger.

You quickly pulled your hand back and examined the ring. A beautiful Alexandrite gemstone with two small pearls on each side of it. It fit perfectly. Dazai cut you off, a smile gracing his features.

He stood up, dragging you with him gently, his drink left unattended and half empty on the rickety table. His one uncovered eye met yours as he held the door open for you. Stepping out into the cool night air, a shiver ran through your body. Whether that shiver was caused from the young man wrapping his arm around your waist or the crisp air was unknown to you as you realized you no longer had an option.

Good morning! Have a nice day! Are requests closed for now or is it okay for me to post a request? I don't think I can see any notice on your blog. Requests are always open! He stumbles around once he made it through the door, allowing the orange hair to fall in front of his face.

dazai x reader

He mumbled profanities as he almost tripped over his own footing. She knew he had a rough day at work when he shows up home drunk at midnight. He groaned and draped himself on her back, letting out a whine.Originally posted by ikizais. A third part will be coming out in what happens at the end : You dont necessarily need to read the first part but if yall want to than its here. Dazai remembered the night he left the Port Mafia. More specifically, he remembered the night he left you. The memory of you resurfaces in his complex mind, your visage crystal clear like the waters of the lake outside of Yokohama.

His mind is always so sharp, so easy to grasp onto any ideas or concepts and store them away in his head, like a filing cabinet. It was one of the perks of his intelligence he supposes. So, when he shuts his eyes, let his eyelashes flutter and focus on the meeting that occurred between you two 8 years ago, the memory comes easy. He remembered you standing before Mori, a mere child that was certainly younger than him. You stood beside an older woman, Dazai correctly assumed at the time that she was a relative of sorts judging by the similar features.

You barely spoke a word and stood quietly for almost the entire meeting between the woman and Mori. It turns out this woman was bartering for her life in exchange for an object, and it turns out you were that object.

She spoke of your ability, the possibilities and uses of it. In the end, Mori had agreed to the deal and decided to take you in. Dazai quickly lost interest in you, finding you to be another example of the basicity of the human race. The next time he saw you, you were sporting a bruise across your jaw, no doubt a result from training with your mentor. Everyone had just been exiting the meeting that had just taken place when someone called something out to you, your back had instantly stiffened.

He remembered watching you turn around to see who had said the mindless comment. The man who delivered the comment smiled smugly at your reaction, before continuing his words that hinted towards your weak and amicable nature.

dazai x reader

The emotion flashed across your face openly, a tightening of the jaw, furrowed eyebrows and clenching fists. Dazai thought you were just going to continue walking and so he almost turned away. That was one of his first incorrect judgements about you, because not a second later you knocked the man down and started delivering punches to his face. Of course, your attacks barely lasted as the man had quickly overturned the situation, seeing as he was older and heavier.

Dazai had witnessed this with a single thought, just how far could your kind nature be pushed, and if so, what are the most severe consequences that could arise from you snapping. Children were easy like that, he thought, you just had to give them the slightest taste of belonging and they will latch on for however long you need them to be. It took nearly a year for you to put the pieces together, and when you did you were hesitant to ever talk to him again.

You were fearful of him, Dazai supposed. You were quickly learning that if one had to survive in the port mafia, you had to be deceitful and smart.It was another day at the agency, I was plainly doing some paperwork which, gave me a throbbing headache. Papers were set neatly on my desk as well as folders. I took some medicine and opened my office window but, what I really need was some sleep. Any small noise would make my head throb and cause my face to distort into pain.

To my luck, there was a knock at my office door. The pain was intense. He walked in with a smile and was very loud. Ah, what a perfect day. I didn't want him to worry about me with other things going on. There was an look of disbelief on his face.

What's the matter? I looked him in the eyes and said nervously, "I just have a headache heh, I probably just need some sleep but, I have somethings I need to get done. His hand on mine, a slight blush crept upon my cheeks. How else was I supposed to react? A very sexy attractive man, and a personality that I've come to love touched my hand.

I wasn't dealing with this. I had to get this finished. What confused me is when Dazai stood up and walked over to me and picked me up out of my chair, bridal style. Put m-me down. My head started to ache even more. He opened the door swiftly with me in his arms.

He walked past the main room of the Agency. Rampo started to laugh and he said, "What are you going to do? Dazai's cheeks started to grow pink. I pried out of Dazai's arms. I started to walk out the room then, the a shock-wave of pain hit my head. I fell to my knees. Then fainted from exhaustion. I opened my eyes to see a fairly dark room, dressed in a sky blue yukata. It was a neat room with a shelf of books, a desk and a vanity but, no mirror attached. I was tucked neatly under a deep blue blanket and white sheets in a fairly large bed.

The sheets smelt nice and slightly like a nice, distinct, body wash. The door to the room was slightly cracked and light shone through. I then realized something. My headache was gone. I slowly crawled out of the comfy bed drowsiness still evident in myself.Example: Yandere: I broke into your house.

You want some cake? Originally posted by svmeragi. At first Dazai is going to be amused and a little bit impressed. He will often joke about the incident and it remains a really fond memory to him. This is just perfect to him! You were his and he was yours. He was not gonna let anyone ruin that, not even your parents.

The minute you told him about everything, about how they want to keep you apart and send you off with a random person who would probably be nothing next to him, he could feel the anger running through his body. If it was up to him, he would have provoked them long ago and made them hate him even more just for fun, but he knew how much they meant to you so he never did. That was before all of this though. Seeing you happy is his number 1 priority and if that meant your parents out of the picture then so be it.

The two of you were sitting on the floor with your glasses of Champagne at each side. You were sitting on his lap with your legs wrapped around him and his hands were on your waist. Your arms were wrapped around his neck as you let your hands move to explore his neck and hair from time to time. This was your absolute favorite position. The both of you loved it quite a lot. If anything, I think he was forced too. You actually had talked to the guy your parents wanted you to marry a few times and he seemed like a nice guy, but right now the one with your heart is none other than Dazai and you intend to keep it that way.

You also never liked being forced upon anything let alone a marriage. Although this time they really overdid it. Is that all i have to put? That is indeed all you have to put for prompt requests!

I enjoyed writing this so much I might do a part two after I finish my other requests…. He could easily overpower you even without his weapon — his ability made sure of that.

The soothing chocolate-brown color of his eyes created a stark contrast to his wicked smirk. You gasped and shivered at his cold touch, wanting nothing more than to run away. Dark brown eyes briefly flashed to meet your petrified gaze, relishing in the fear that swam in your eyes, before traveling down the length of your torso to mentally undress you.

He sharply exhaled through his nose and lightly chewed his bottom lip. Your jaw protested as he pushed the gun further into your mouth, stifling any screams before they could manifest.

You fixed your eyes on the warehouse ceiling, your body numb and your eyesight made nearly blind with tears. Was this how you were meant to go? Your vision slowly dotted with black, followed by a sudden light- headedness rushing through your brain. Had he forced hallucinogens down your throat?You were just sitting out with a book in hand; you were quite new to this part of Japan so you knew no one there at the time.

You didn't notice him at first when he had approached you but you looked up when he spoke. You gave a light smile, one he thought was so beautiful. The man reached out and took your hand in his.

It's a pleasure to meet you. And what would your name be, my dear? It wasn't long before the two of you started to spend quite a bit of time together. Then you learned something about him you could swear was a bad joke at first, until he reassured you it wasn't. He was an executive of the Port Mafia. But despite what you learned you stuck with him; you were in love. You could see it in him: he wasn't a bad man, he was the same sweet guy you met at that cafe -end flashback- Dazai had you in his lap as he spoke with a couple of lower ranking Mafia membersthey where quit used to the sight as the executive always took the opportunity to show others who you belonged too.

This man wouldn't hesitate to fuck you then and there as anyone else happened to be watching, and you would love every second of it. You loved how this man could pull you down into submission so easily. He had a hand in your panty, rubbing your folds teasingly, refusing to give you what you desperately wanted. The others in the room paid no attention to what the executive was doing to you, since this sight wasn't new to them at all.

He soon dismissed them, leaving the two of you finally alone in his office, and you looked at him desperately. He loved it when you called him Daddy, loved you screaming it when he would pound into you without mercy. He pulled his fingers out, causing you to give a whine, and you suddenly felt cold steal as he cut the fabric from you and pulled up your skirt to force your legs wide open in front of a mirror. Your face turned beat red and he gave a smirk. He spread you wide, making you look into the mirror at your womanhood.

You're such a naughty girl" when he pulled his hand away, you didn't move as he had yet to tell you that you could do so. Reaching, he took something out of a drawer.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I saw a man walk into the middle of busy traffic and come out completely unharmed. Nothing can harm us after we are dead. Or so I was told. These are all my fics from tumblr, plus some short series, just for a portfolio type thing!

I also put my commission info in the beginning if you're interested! I was used to nobody being able to see me. After all, this was my ability. Invisible, silent - like a ghost. Until I met him I couldn't amdit that i liked the tingling sensation when i touched him Always remember to not get on Dazai's bad side when he wants to get it on with the reader. Consequences are always immediate. People are afraid of the dark and what lurks in it.

They are afraid of her as well. And yet, Dazai Osamu- a man drowning in the same sea of shadows that had long since become her home- was the first to tell her that she belonged to the light. You are Dazai's lover and he has been faithful ever since he loved you. As much as you wanted to get rid of your memories with that flea, you tried any ways to avoid him. But things take a more What'll happen if she finally able to leave his side? Be advised that there will be mature themes includes.

See first chapter for details. Disfunctional abilities. Confusing feelings. And now a very dangerous organisation on your tail, you could safely say that your life as a newly trained Armed Detective Agent was never really boring, to say the least.


But now you had to come to terms with the scariest obstacle of them all.Originally posted by izumosenpai-blog. Originally posted by peiipain. You were like an angel, too pure for this world.

Your heart was filled with nothing but good. He looked at you as if you were a saint. You took up knitting, and Dazai joked about it often. He even went as far as to buy a rocking chair with extra cushion for you to sit in while you would work. He poked fun at it, but he would often sit on the floor next to your rocking chair, becoming entrances as he watched your hands carefully wrap the yarn around the needle and thread it through the loops.

You had even made blankets for the people at the homeless shelters, making sure to use the softest yarn that would also be warm. When he would go to the hospitals with you he would spend hours making over the babies and how cute they were in the new hats and booties you had made for them. You were used to people not liking your boyfriend. He had helped bring a lot of people to justice in his line of work.

It had to be some kind of weird prank by Dazai, or maybe even some strange act that would set the stage for a new fantasy kink. They were getting angry, the three men stomped over to where you were sitting in the rocking chair. That bumbling boyfriend of yours needs to know. Mess with us and we mess with him. You gripped the needles tighter, bringing your arm up to jab it into the mans neck. He staggered back and fell to the floor against the wall, trying to pull the needle out.

You quickly grabbed the knife that the first man had dropped, preparing yourself to stab the man before he could get to you. As soon as he got close enough you forcefully pushed the knife into the mans stomach.

He screamed as you twisted it, making him drop to his knees, blood dripping out of his mouth from the damage you had caused. The final man stood there, assessing the scene, his hands in the air.

He had already dropped his knife. You watched him run out your door, then took the time to finally realize what you had done. Oh… oh my god…. You had killed two people, you had single handedly taken out two grown men. You were a murderer. Please hurry and come home. Obviously his first thought was that you were being attacked or someone was trying to break in. You got a little blood on your shirt too.

Originally posted by nghirgas. If he could describe you as a color, it would be yellow. You were bright, fun, happy, you always found a way to put a smile on his face, even when he had the worst day.

It was as if a ray of sun took form and for some reason decided that he was the one who deserved it. Your spontaneous adventures, even if it was just to the park always kept things exciting. He would stand back and watch as you ran over to anyone with a dog, sitting on the ground in front of the furry animal as you looked up and conversed with the owner about the breed and how cute the dog was. He would hear about it for the rest of the day, your hands moving freely through the air as you described the dog, even though he was right there and seen it as well, he would smile and nod.

You always found something to be excited about, even on days when it would rain and you both were stuck in the house you would find some way to make him forget about the dreariness of the outside world.


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