List of brahmins in bollywood

Across caste, color, and creed, Cinema transcends all barriers to form a united front. The Indian society has for time immemorial been divided on the basis of the caste of an individual. This divide is evident till date in the surnames of the people. The caste system has a deep-rooted history, it was made to segregate the people on the basis of their professions.

It had flexible boundaries and a person could switch his caste based on the principles written in the scriptures. However, with the passage of time, the caste system became a rigid system. The film industry is a democratic organization where the caste of the person becomes irrelevant in front of their work.

There are many Brahmins and people of other castes who work in Tollywood. Here is a list of Brahmin actors in Tollywood:. There are numerous Brahmin actors in Tollywood. The Telugu Brahmins include the Niyogi group, the Vaidiki group. The Telugu Brahmins are endogamous and encourage education. They worship gods of the Hindu pantheon and see Vishnu as the supreme god and Shiva as the chief deity. They often refer themselves as the direct descendants of the Aryans. Brahmin Actors in Tollywood.

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50 Best Bollywood Actresses of all time

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. The main motive of making Hindu Rastra to conserve Caste system and Polytheist idolism for future which is mostly made up of only imaginary identities by Brahmins. With the time they will certify you who is which caste. Crookedness is the main psychological weapon of Vedism. Before BC there was no caste system except Sanskrit spoken clan those composed Rig.

Veda or those crooks who included Purusha Sukta in Rig. Present days less than 15 thousands people only can speak in Sanskrit and recognize their mother-tongue as Sanskrit which is even by trained not as ethnic. Sanskrit is mother of all Indian languages is a fake rumor spread by Vedic promoters.

Buddhism was our first ancient major religion and it is only destroyed by Brahmins. Brahmains are nothing but sociopaths of different linguistic races organized with a common ideology of caste system and themselves as supreme of all castes with a prime inherited profession of priests those officiate polytheist their own created imaginary deities with Sanskrit chants.

They called themselves as Aryan which is even a fake claim like their fake imaginary deities. There is no evidence exist there were a race named Aryans anywhere in the world. For an example; Punjabi spoken peoples can be found any part of the world. If somebody asks where is your origin then they will point a demography where their spoken clan resides i.

Sanskrit is the language that had developed in even recent past may be after destruction of Buddhism in India. If there was a race like Aryans then they must have a demography to support of their linguistic race; and if their language has been destructed then that destructed language should have similarities with this language; but unfortunately there is no language found in any other demography out site of India that is having any similarities to Sanskrit language.

So its even a fake and imaginary claim by these stupid sociopath class. May be it is intentionally made hidden as a conspiracy with fabricate name to their linguistic race to hide birth place of Buddha.

Sindhu word is from Pali linguistic race and it is popularized in the age of Buddhism in India. Sindhu was not a name but recognized as a name later by Non-Indians origin like Persians and Arabians to a river that is majorly runs in now Pakistan which was a part of ancient India that streams from Himalaya and falls in Arabian sea.

The river streams from Himalaya and that fallen in Arabian sea had not only recognized as river but its Pali linguistic recognition became name as Sindhu. Its was recognized by Europeans as Indus from which India name built.

list of brahmins in bollywood

Persian and Arabian were recognized this demography as dwellers of Sindhu i. This demographically social identity had used later as Hindustan, Shindhusthan, Al-Hind, Indosustan or Hindusthan by foreign Invaders those made their kingdom in Indian demography were majorly Muslims.

Perhaps majorly it is coined after Islamic invasion. In an ancient language of Iran, pre-Persian, Hindu meant b lack person.Tamil Brahmins are Tamil -speaking Brahminsprimarily living in Tamil Nadualthough a few of them have settled in other states like, TelanganaAndhra PradeshKerala and Karnataka.

They can be broadly divided into three religious groups, Gurukkals who follow SaivismIyers who follow the Srauta and Smartha tradition and Iyengars who follow Sri Vaishnavism. Tamil Brahmins are divided into three groups -- IyersIyengars and Gurukkal. Advaita Vedanta has been in existence from way before Adi Sankara. They are divided into two sub-sects: Vadakalai Northern branch and Thenkalai Southern branch. They are devout worshippers of Lord Vishnu. They are Saivites and adhere to the philosophy of Shaiva Siddhanta.

They are well versed in Vedas, Agama Sasthras and follow the Agamic rituals of these temples. Because of these cultural differences, intermarriages with other Tamil Brahmanas are rare even to this date. Gurukkals are sub-divided into Tiruvalangad, Conjeevaram and Thirukkazhukunram.

Who Are the Brahmins?

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pancha-Dravida BrahminsTamil people. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Brahmins.PL Deshpande. In the long and distinguished galaxy of Peshwas, Bajirao Ballal was unequalled for the daring and originality of his genius and the volume and value of his achievements.

He was truly a Cavalry Hero as king- or rather as a Man of action. Fully acquainted with the financial schemes of his father, he selected that part of the plan calculated to direct the predatory hordes of Maharashtra in a common effort. In this respect, the genius of Bajirao enlarged the schemes which his father devised; and unlike most Brahmins, of him it may be truly said- he had both- the head to plan and the hand to execute. He was the eldest son of Balaji Vishwanath Rao Peshwa.

The Peshwas were Prime Ministers of the Maratha empire. This position was created by Chhatrapati Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha Empire. Bajirao was trained by Maratha generals to be proficient in warfare, politics and military campaigns. At an early age Bajirao travelled all over the Mughal empire upto Delhi with his father.

list of brahmins in bollywood

At the age of 19 after the death of Balaji Vishwanath, Bajirao was chosen to became the next Peshwa. The Mughals have become weak, insolent, womanizers and opium-addicts. The accumulated wealth of centuries in the vaults of the north, can be ours. It is time to drive from the holy land of Bharatvarsha the outcastes and the barbarians. Let us throw them back over the Himalayas, back to where they came from. The saffron flag must fly from the Krishna to the Indus. In his lifetime, Bajirao undertook 41 military conquests.

He was undefeated throughout his lifetime. Some of his battles included. On April 28, Bajirao Peshwa passed away from an illness on the banks of river Narmada. He had been resting with his troops before their next battle when he was taken sick and died. Bajirao Peshwa was instrumental in breaking apart the Mughal empire and creating a strong military base for the Maratha empire.

As a child, N Chandra was very studious and excelled in Mathematics. He also has the distinction of receiving honorary doctorates from several business institutions globally such as — JNTU Hyderabad, Nyenrode University Netherlands, etc. His drive as a leader has also led to emergence of several new opportunities in the technology industry which makes TCS the market leader that it is today.

His other notable interest is that he is a marathon runner! Till date he has run over 8 marathons globally. No wonder TCS is one of the lead sponsors for many marathon events that happen globally. His interests also include photography and music. He was born in Hyderabad in Satya Nadella has been with Microsoft for over 20 years and been part of various cutting edge technologies including Online Services, Servers, Enterprise Databases, Cloud, etc.

We believe his success at each of his appointed roles must have been outstanding. His recent initiative to make Windows mobile free of cost shows that Mobile is an area where Microsoft intends to be very aggressive in gaining market share.

Satya is married to Anupama and they have three kids. In his personal life, Satya is known to be cricket fan. His success was celebrated in his village near Hyderabad.

I am sure those are big boots that he has to fill in!You can verify theft structures from India by British just using this below links which structures are older than which faith.

Brahmanism is nothing but a race of paranoid sociopath root natives from all linguistic clans of Indian demography working organized for self and organized benefits with an ideology of theology faith.

They acquires wealth and powers promoting polytheist idolism and caste system. They control mind of the followers, control politics, education, commerce and other activities of social groups as a hegemony of faith. Vedic ideology makes a human; follower of lies, irrationality, delusions, inequality, unscientific, ignorance, discrimination, disharmony and many kinds of antisocial activities or social evils in the name of God, religion, custom, culture, tradition and heritage.

Followers of Vedic ideology those runs the ideology of Vedic faith or polytheist idolism and caste system majorly a group of humans those believe they are a special class defined in Purusha Sukta If ideology is removed from their mind, then they are just humans with own activity.

Ideology of Vedic Purush Sukta either victimize the believers of this ideology or root natives with evil intention those propagate this ideology have the evil motives for others; in both case ideology runs their mind and they are victims or slaves of that evil ideology. Every stupid Brahmanism supporters those claims and promote Brahmanism or promote them as elite class or race or groups of any kind, you see around you or on electronic TV media, Social media or Print media or anywhere else, force them to test their ancestry and expose their ancestry; who are really these stupids.

Indian root natives to those whom they branded or certified as Shudras, they should even go for these tests to find out their ancestry to show them where they actually hails from. The Brahmins of different linguistic race of India has to establish, they are from one race origin by DNA test; otherwise, it will prove this is a race of cons from different linguistic race with a con ideology working organized as Vedism for self and organized benefits.

Buddhism was the major faith in whole Indian demography before implementation of Brahmanism. Non-religious were even more than caste followers in the age of Buddhism in India. Islamic population from ancient Indian origin is more than 50 crores including present Indian, Pakistan and Bangladeshi Islamic population. These Desi terrorists or invaders are more dangerous than outside Invaders. It can expose those hypocrite liar race who has been dominating the innocent Indians with an evil motive for self and organized benefits, claiming they are from any specific elite race.

After verification you will get the answer these are stupid antisocial crooks of this land from different linguistic race who worked organized to fool innocent root natives of India.

list of brahmins in bollywood

Only for these crooks our great rational Buddhist culture destroyed and we victimized to stupid faith system which is based on lies, delusions, irrationality, discrimination, disharmony and blind beliefs for which major root natives of the Indian demography became partial logical blind, lazy thinkers, blind believers and irrational that stagnated our civilization till to date comparing to those who had adopted Buddhism from India, otherwise our civilization could have been more advanced than Ch inaJapan and South Korea.

Our more than 50 crore root natives are Muslims for this stupid Vedic caste based faith system. Ancient Indian popular language Nagari i.A Brahmin is a member of the highest caste or varna in Hinduism.

The Brahmins are the caste from which Hindu priests are drawn, and are responsible for teaching and maintaining sacred knowledge. The other major castesfrom highest to lowest, are the Kshatriya warriors and princesVaisya farmers or merchantsand Shudra servants and sharecroppers. Interestingly, the Brahmins only show up in the historical record around the time of the Gupta Empirewhich ruled from circa CE.

The early Vedic writings do not provide much by way of historical detail, even on such apparently important questions as "who are the priests in this religious tradition? The caste system has evidently been more flexible, in terms of appropriate work for Brahmins, than one might expect. Records from the classical and medieval periods in India mention men of the Brahmin class performing work other than carrying out priestly duties or teaching about religion.

For example, some were warriors, merchants, architects, carpet-makers, and even farmers. As late as the reign of the Maratha Dynasty, in the s to s CE, members of the Brahmin caste served as government administrators and military leaders, occupations more typically associated with the Kshatriya. Traditionally, male Brahmins performed priestly services, but they may also work in jobs associated with lower castes.

As in earlier times, most Brahmins actually made their living from work associated with the lower castes, including agriculture, stone-cutting, or working in the service industries.

In some cases, such work precludes the Brahmin in question from carrying out priestly duties, however. For example, a Brahmin who begins farming not only as an absentee land-owner, but actually tilling the land himself may be considered ritually contaminated, and can be barred from later entering the priesthood.

Nonetheless, the traditional association between the Brahmin caste and priestly duties remains strong. Brahmins study the religious texts, such as the Vedas and the Puranas, and teach members of other castes about the holy books.

They also perform temple ceremonies and officiate at weddings and other important occasions. Traditionally, the Brahmins served as the spiritual guides and teachers of the Kshatriya princes and warriors, preaching to the political and military elites about the dharma, but today they perform ceremonies for Hindus from all of the lower castes.

Brahmins are vegetarian, in keeping with Hindu beliefs in reincarnation. However, some do consume milk products or fish, particularly in mountainous or desert areas where produce is scarce. The six proper activities, ranked from the highest to the lowest, are teaching, studying the Vedas, offering ritual sacrifices, officiating at rituals for others, giving gifts, and accepting gifts.

Examples: "Some people believe that the Buddha himself, Siddharta Gautama, was a member of a Brahmin family. Kaminsky, Arnold P. Gordon, Stewart. Asher, Catherine B. Share Flipboard Email. Kallie Szczepanski. History Expert. Kallie Szczepanski is a history teacher specializing in Asian history and culture. She has taught at the high school and university levels in the U. Updated January 28, Pronunciation: "BRAH-mihn". Alternate Spellings: Brahman, Brahmana. View Article Sources.Actress Dil To Pagal Hai.

Her next big hit was Anari and during this time she made news with a fight with her Everyone Has Their Own Style co-star, actress Raveena Tandon. She had a Actress Devdas. Madhuri Dixit is one of the most acclaimed actors and Kathak dancers Bollywood have ever witnessed. Born in a Marathi Brahmin Koknastha family to Mr. Shankar and Mrs.

She performed decently well in her academics and aspired to Actress Darr. Chawla and Gujarati-speaking mom, Mona. She has a brother named Sanjeev. Her mother passed away in an accident during the year while Juhi was filming ' Actress Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

She has been married to Ajay Devgn Actress English Vinglish. Her mother was from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. So Sridevi grew up speaking Telugu and Tamil. She has a sister named Srilatha and a stepbrother named Satish. Her dad passed away during the yearwhile Actress Aks. Daughter of Bombay film industry Bollywood director Ravi Tandon.

Raveena dropped out of Bombay's Meethibai College to pursue a career as a model with middling success. Her next few films were also failures and it was only with Actress Haider.

Tabu is an Indian actress. She has mainly acted in Hindi films, though she has also starred in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi and Bengali-language films, as well as one American film. Actress Dil Se. Manisha Koirala born 16 August is a Nepali actress who mainly appears in Bollywood, though she has worked in several South Indian and her native country's films.

Noted for her acting prowess, Koirala is the recipient of several accolades, including four Filmfare Awards-and is one of India's


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